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Welcome to Flex Check


You don’t need x-ray vision to see if your fueling infrastructure is compatible with E15. Just use Flex Check to search components by manufacturer, model number, or component category (such as: above ground equipment, above ground tank, overfill prevention, piping, pumping equipment, release detection, and others).

If you prefer scrolling though over your lunch hour, go for it — we’ve got the entire table of fueling components right here. For a few tips on how to search efficiently, skip down below. If you have questions, just give us a shout. We’re here to help.

Source: National Renewable Energy Labs (NREL) reports, ACE research

List of All Compliance Letters    |    E15 and Flex Fuel Roadmap


  • Can’t find a component under one of the major equipment categories (ex.: Piping, Above Ground, Pumping Equipment)? Try searching under “Other UST Equipment.” There are a lot of miscellaneous components that may be hiding in that catch-all category.
  • If your equipment is UL-certified for E15 or higher, you don’t need a compliance letter from the manufacturer to show EPA.
  • Any product certified for a higher blend level — like E25 or E85 — can also handle E15 (this may seem obvious, but we figured we’d come out and say it just in case).
  • If we aren’t able to indicate a piece of equipment is UL-certified or share a manufacturer’s compliance letter certifying E15 compatibility, we suggest you contact the manufacturer directly. In most cases, we’ve provided a link to their website.
  • We built Flex Check primarily to identify whether your underground equipment is certified for E15 or higher blends of ethanol. That’s a requirement to get a green light from EPA to sell E15.

In addition, some local authorities — like your fire marshal, county water board, or state environmental officials — may want to see proof your above-ground equipment is certified for E15 as well. Good news: Flex Check has you covered for most of your above-ground equipment, too.